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Breast Imaging Companion

eBook included

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Print- und e-Ausgabe

4/E 2017

The fourth edition of this best selling “how-to” book includes major revisions,
including the expansion of the screening mammography and breast
MRI chapters, as well as the addition of digital breast tomosynthesis studies.
Rather than having selected cropped images, the print and online versions
of this book provide the reader with thousands of high quality images
and complete imaging evaluations, from the screening images to the
diagnostic mammogram, and—when appropriate—images from ultrasound,
MRI, imaging guided biopsy, and preoperative wire localizations.
Bulleted “key-facts” describe clinical, imaging and histological findings for a spectrum of breast diseases. With this
book, breast-imaging radiologists are strongly encouraged to provide clinical, imaging and pathology concordance
for optimal patient care, as well as direct and clinically relevant communication with providers and patients.

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