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Cognitive and Behavioral Phenotypes

New Trends for Research, Classification, and Diagnosis in Neuropsychology and Psychiatry

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This expansive text applies the latest knowledge of neural and cognitive biomarkers to the contemporary bioinformatics and 'omics' landscape, and to neuropsychology and psychiatric research and practice. Focusing on neurophenotypes and endophenotypes, it updates concepts of neurocognitive and behavioral functioning, normal and disordered processes and structures, and their myriad relationships within the larger context of the nervous system. Specialized chapters delve into neural and cognitive gray areas that may be classified as neurophenotypes or cognitive endophenotypes, including face perception, reward deprivation, EEG data, and fear conditioning. These advances signal a new accuracy in neuroscience, from a more precise fit between data, tools, and models to more effective diagnosis, treatment, and policy.

Among the topics covered:
· Brain and cognition in the 'omics' era.
· Appraising circuit-centered neurophenotypes.
· Cognitive phenotypes and endophenotypes: concepts and criteria.
· The strategy and utility of the endophenotype approach to neurobehavioral function.
· Neural markers of errors as endophenotypes in neuropsychiatric disorders
· Implications for neuropsychology and psychiatry.
Neurophenotypes and endophenotypes are critical discoveries in a developing field, and the analysis in Phenotypes spotlights their utility to neuropsychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and cognitive neuroscientists. This clarion work prepares research and clinical professionals for the world of technology- and science-based paradigms to come.
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