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Essential Guide to the Cervical Spine

Clinical Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches

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Essential Guide to the Cervical Spine is a two-volume, highly illustrated comprehensive guide to assessing, understanding and treating disorders and syndromes of the cervical spine which will give the practitioner confidence to treat and improve their patient care.

Volume One: Clinical Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches covers all aspects essential to understanding the clinical complexity of the cervical spine, outlining procedures for a correct clinical assessment of the patient. It discusses current issues regarding patterns of cervical spine pain, clinical reasoning, the pathomechanics of joint dysfunction and the use of tests. It also describes in detail the various concepts and therapeutic approaches currently used in the diagnosis and treatment of the cervical spine, myofascial pain syndrome, neuromuscular control deficits, neurodynamics along with the various techniques of mobilization and joint manipulation. The international collaboration of leading experts in the field of research and an extensive clinical practice and literature review make this a must-read book for anyone concerned with the prevention and treatment of neck pain.

An indispensable guide for those practitioners who want to develop or hone the skills needed to assess the cervical spine.

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