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OPD-CA-2 Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnosis in Childhood and Adolescence

Theoretical Basis and User Manual

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OPD-CA-2, the multiaxial diagnostic system for psychodynamically
oriented psychiatrists and therapists, now for children and

Following the success of the Operationalized Psychodynamic
Diagnosis for Adults (OPD-2), this multiaxial diagnostic and
classification system based on psychodynamic principles has now
been adapted for children and adolescents by combining
psychodynamic, developmental, and clinical psychiatric

The OPD-CA-2 is based on four axes that are aligned with the new
dimensional approach in the DSM-5: I = interpersonal relations, II =
conflict, III = structure, and IV = prerequisites for treatment. After an
initial interview, the clinician (or researcher) can evaluate the
patient’s psychodynamics according to these axes to get a
comprehensive psychodynamic view of the patient. Easy-to-use
checklists and evaluation forms are provided. The set of tools and
procedures the OPD-CA-2 manual provides have been widely used
for assessing indications for therapy, treatment planning, and
measuring change, as well as providing information for parental

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