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Combined Scintigraphic and Radiographic Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Diseases

Including Gamma Correction Interpretation


In the fifth edition of this highly successful book, the author once again aims to equip the reader with up-to-date information that will facilitate accurate diagnosis of bone and joint diseases by means of combined use of scintigraphy and radiology. Two entirely new chapters have been added, one on the use of 18F-NaF PET/CT and the other on gamma correction scan diagnosis of bone trabecular microfracture and microcontusion. Further topics covered for the first time include enthesopathies, myositis, additional soft tissue diseases, and differential diagnosis, and individual chapters have been updated and rearranged to reflect the latest advances in imaging diagnosis. As before, a large number of state of the art gamma correction pinhole bone scans and corroborative conventional radiographs and CT, MRI, and/or ultrasound images are presented side by side. In this edition, extension of the application of gamma correction to other parenchymal organs, such as the thyroid gland, and other imaging methods, such as MRI, and the solution of the halation problem are also addressed. This fifth edition of Combined Scintigraphic and Radiographic Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Diseases will be essential reading for practitioners and researchers in nuclear medicine, radiology, orthopedic surgery, pathology, anatomy, and imaging sciences at large.



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