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The AIDS Pandemic

The Search for a Global Response / softcover

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This ambitious volume documents the evolving worldwide response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, with particular focus on the transition from the Global Programme on AIDS to UNAIDS in the mid-1990s. It follows the complex road to progress and leadership across disciplines and ideologies, and the recognition not only of the scope of the crisis, but also of the crisis itself in the face of rising numbers of outbreaks and casualties. The multilayered narrative describes organizational challenges and opportunities, collaboration and turf battles among agencies and entities, and volatile geopolitical contexts, all made uniquely human through the authors’ firsthand experiences as researchers and program directors. In chronicling the past, present, and future of the defining global health crisis of our time, the authors give readers a detailed blueprint for addressing pandemics to come.

Included in the coverage:
· The response before the global response
· Building and coordinating a multi-sectoral response
· Containing the global spread of HIV
· Addressing stigma, discrimination, and human rights
· Rethinking global AIDS governance
· UNAIDS: finding its place in congested waters
The AIDS Pandemic will find an engaged audience among policymakers, students, faculty, journalists, researchers, and other health professionals working and interested in global health, public health, the World Health Organization, HIV/AIDS, the history of medicine, and health policy. It will also interest those involved in international relations, international development, global affairs and governance, pandemics, the United Nations, NGOs, and HIV/AIDS activism.


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