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Practical Techniques in Flap Surgery

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This book was written for orthopedic and plastic surgeons who wish to learn about reconstructive surgery of the extremities and trunk. For reconstructions of the extremities and trunk, surgeons need information on both orthopedic and plastic surgery. However, orthopedic surgeons are generally not familiar with the reconstruction of soft tissue, and plastic surgeons have little experience with osseo-tendinous system reconstructions. For those reasons, there is a definite need for a book detailing both fields of surgery.

Because many existing books focus on only the type of flap, it is difficult for doctors to distinguish which flap is best for their patients in need of reconstructive surgery. In this book, chapters are based not on the flap but the injury site. In the each chapter, pitfalls and candidate flaps are described for the reconstruction of each site. Additionally, the operative steps are explained with the help of numerous high-quality photos, offering a unique valuable resource for orthopedic and plastic surgeons faced with these challenges.

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