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Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Systems Biology Regulators

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BMP proteins, also referred as and Growth and Differentiation Factors, are members of TGF-beta superfamily and are highly conserved from fruit fly to mammals and responsible for the formation of essentially every organ during embryo development and involved in adult tissue injury and repair. BMPs establish their extracellular gradient by interacting with their respective antagonists and regulate their function through SMAD-dependent down-stream signaling effector genes. This book focuses on the salient features of BMPs biology and the advances in their structure and function and in downstream signaling, as well as their governance in systems biology from bone and dentin to the kidney, cancer, diabetes, iron homeostasis and angiogenesis, including rare musculoskeletal disorders. The volume addresses scientists and professionals dealing with metabolic disorders, nutrition, systems biology diseases, rare musculoskeletal conditions, and disorders related to iron metabolism, including anemia of chronic disease, hereditary hemochromatosis and beta thalassemia.
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