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Clinical Urodynamics in Childhood and Adolescence

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This book aims to impart all the practical knowledge required in order to evaluate and treat children with anatomical, neurological, and functional incontinence. It explains how appropriate choice of management in childhood depends first of all on a correct diagnosis, then on thorough urodynamic evaluation, and finally on sound assessment of the condition of the individual patient. The full range of relevant pathologies are considered and all of the treatment options are extensively discussed, including behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy, neuromodulation, endoscopic procedures, and surgical reconstruction. Careful attention is paid to the impacts that treatments performed during childhood may have on later adult life, including on fertility and pregnancy, with a view to ensuring that the reader will be in a position to time treatments correctly, thereby avoiding adverse effects, and possess all the information needed to address the concerns of patients and their families. The book will be of value to pediatricians, urologists, nurses, physiotherapist, students, and all others with an interest in the field.

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