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The Medical Practitioners Essential Guide

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This text translates the newest and latest science and research about obesity in an effort to change the mindset and educate all medical practitioners who see and treat any obese patient for any reason. This textbook will also be an invaluable, easy-to-use reference manual for any practitioner who needs current, critical, specific advice for the immediate management of any obese patient. Finally, this text will propose a straightforward, easily implemented system of care via specific steps that can be followed by any front line provider. This book provides the reader with a specific obesity screening process they can implement within the office so that patients are treated at all times with respect and dignity. It will allow the physician to engage their patients in more effective discussion and action. The systematic approach outlined in this book, with graded interventions will allow the physician to make significant progress in not only the obesity that affects the patient but the related diseases. This book establishes a plan that can be implemented within their practice setting using virtually the tools already available and can change the patient experience and economics of treating patients in this setting. The text provides specific case studies to help the efforts of staff on representative patient problems and can be used as a teaching tool within the clinical structure. Obesity: The Medical Practitioner's Essential Guide will be of great utility to all students in medical schools, nursing programs, physician assistant programs, doctor of osteopath programs, and any similar health science programs, both domestic and international. It will also be of us to medical providers in any kind of active medical practice who see and treat obese patients.

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