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Cardiovascular Diseases and Depression

Treatment and Prevention in Psychocardiology

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The world is witnessing a burgeoning global epidemic of chronic cerebro- and cardiovascular disease and depression disorders. The reader will find this comprehensive book to be a long-needed, up-to-date knowledge base on these increasingly recognized comorbid conditions that have long-term consequences for individual function and well-being and society in general. This comprehensive book outlines the complex and bidirectional relationship between various types of depression and cerebro- and cardiovascular diseases. It is written by a range of experts in the field, including psychiatrists, cardiologists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and epidemiologists, with the aim of presenting and discussing the most recent evidence on the pathophysiology, neurobiology, and clinical presentation of these common and disabling comorbid conditions and the available pharmacological, psychological, and behavioral interventions. By elucidating the underlying clinical and neurobiological mechanisms in the brain and the rich interplay between the body and the brain biology, the book brings together the latest knowledge of this overlapping area in Psychiatry and Cardiology. The clear descriptions of evidence-based approaches to clinical treatment ensure that it will serve as both an up-to-date overview and a future guide for practicing clinicians and graduate students.

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