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Bone Densitometry in Pediatrics

Guidelines for Clinical Practice

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2/E 2016

The gold-standard resource for evaluating bone health in children and adolescents, this practical and highly anticipated second edition offers a comprehensive, fully updated resource for addressing bone health in these populations. Developed by a renowned international panel of experts in measuring and analyzing bone density in the pediatric patient and reflecting the 2013 International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) Guidelines for Pediatric DXA assessment, interpretation and reporting, this indispensable reference covers all the important changes in the field over the last 9 years. Some highlights of this edition include: an entire chapter on the assessment of infants and toddlers, a chapter devoted to the assessment of children with disabling conditions, an in-depth discussion of vertebral fracture and its etiologies, and a thorough review of the advantages and limitations of densitometry techniques including DXA, pQCT, HRpQCT, and MRI. New fracture prediction software, including Trabecular Bone Score and Finite Element Analysis, is described. In this edition, the limitations of DXA are addressed as are the most recent strategies for handling them including proposed DXA adjustments such as height Z-score. Solidifying itself as the leading text in the field, Bone Densitometry in Pediatrics: Guidelines for Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition provides all of the critical basic analysis and evaluation tools, images, and calculations necessary for clinicians to optimize bone health for all children, especially those with skeletal fragility.

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