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Clinical Epidemiology of Orthopedic Trauma

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2/E 2016

For every anatomical bone segment the various fracture classifications are identified using illustrations and x-rays to make it easy for the reader to understand.

For every bone and segment the anatomy, the injury mechanism - with details as to how the fracture occurs and how to make the diagnosis - is discussed, including the use of specialized x-rays and drawings of the techniques.

The result is a remarkable treatise on the epidemiology of fractures based on a large database in one community.

- Conceived as a reference for academic researchers; medical schools, and hospitals; and for clinicians reviewing data for analysis or publication.
- Based on an in-depth review of more than 65,000 fractures in 60,000 patients at a leading international trauma center, with each fracture classified according to the widely accepted AO/OTA system for immediate recognition and analysis.
- The largest "database" of fractures available
- One of the most extensive fracture classification studies ever compiled,
- Explores the distribution of fracture patterns in clinical practice.
- Approximately 2,000 anatomic diagrams, illustrations
- Easy-to-follow, standardized chapters that cover accepted classifications and nomenclature, anatomy, mechanisms of injury, epidemiological features, and tips on diagnosis and treatment for each bone and segment
- Multi-colored pie charts and bar graphs that make statistical information accessible and user-friendly
- Numerous case examples

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