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Clinical Tests for the Musculoskeletal System

Examinations - Signs - Phenomena Flexibook Clinical Sciences

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3/E 2016

The mainstay of orthopedic diagnosis continues to be the physical examination of the patient following a thorough history. This convenient pocketbook presents a comprehensive collection of the clinical tests that are used in orthopedic diagnosis, thereby answering the following questions:

*What tests are available for examining a particular joint, and how are they to be interpreted?

*What is meant by the name of a test that ist mentioned in the literature or in a physician's report?

The methodology and interpretation of all relevant test procedures are presented in almost 500 instructive drawings and brief descriptions:
* Initial tests
* Functional tests
* Stress tests
* Stability tests

Tables on the examination of the of the spinal column, shoulder joint, and knee joint help in selecting the most suitable examinations.

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