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Atlas of Arthroscopic Anatomy of the Major Joints

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An accurate knowledge of anatomy is essential for the safe and effective performance of arthroscopic procedures on joints. This practical book and atlas is an important orientation tool that makes the complex anatomy of joint structures accessible. The major joints in the body shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle are explained and illustrated in detail.

Excellent orientation tool for arthroscopic surgeons

- Covers all the major joints and includes concise explanations of diagnostic and therapeutic indications, patient positioning, external landmarks, arthroscopic portals and related anatomy, and the structures at risk for damage
- Offers technical tips and valuable suggestions for avoiding injury to neurovascular structures
- More than 450 stunning, full-color photographs clearly depict the anatomical relationship between the different arthroscopic portals and joint structures
- Arthroscopic images are combined with dissection photos
- Information on how to avoid potential complications caused by the arthroscopic instrumentation during portal installation
- Hints and advice for implementing best practices in arthroscopic procedures
- Leading specialists in the field of arthroscopic surgery contribute their insights and expertise

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