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Neuro-Developmental Treatment

A Guide to NDT Clinical Practice / includes videos online


This comprehensive volume provides vital support for both novice and experienced practitioners of Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) by integrating the latest theoretical foundations of NDT with real-life practice examples.

A PT resource focusing exclusively on the NDT clinical practice model

- Serves as the required text for all NDTA pediatric and adult certification courses
- Integrates contemporary scientific theories and real-life clinical practice
- Covers the entire what, why, who, and how of NDT
- Thorough discussions of current and evolving research in neurorehabilitation
- Illustrates NDT examination, evaluation, and intervention through a series of case reports spanning from infants to adults with posture and movement disorders
- Provides enhanced figures, diagrams, tables, and photo galleries
- More than 9 hours of video demonstrating therapeutic practice using the NDT practice model through access on Thieme’s MediaCenter



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