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Breast Disease

Management and Therapies


This second volume of the handbook on breast disease provides a comprehensive overview of its clinical management and current therapies. With chapters on metastasis evaluation, breast-conserving therapies and adjuvant system therapies among others, this book provides an in-depth account of breast cancer at the clinical stage. Special attention has been given to metastatic cancer and pre-operative systemic therapies.

Containing additional chapters on special therapeutic problems as well as supportive and follow-up care this is a must have for oncologists and surgical oncologists. With a high number of coloured illustrations and edited by highly experienced clinicians, this work enables readers to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on breast diseases. Contributions from an international team of experts present invaluable insight into clinical practice across different countries and settings. Covering both theoretical and practical aspects of breast cancer this is a highly informative and carefully presented book which will appeal to an international audience of breast cancer practicioners.



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