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Arthroscopy and Sport Injuries

Applications in High-level Athletes

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This book describes the current applications of arthroscopy in a very wide range of sports injuries involving, among other sites, the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. For each condition, mechanisms of injury are explained and the role of arthroscopy in diagnosis and treatment is described. Relevant information is also provided on the epidemiology and mechanisms of injury in specific sports and on indications for treatment and rehabilitation. The book fully reflects the recent advances that have taken place in arthroscopy, permitting more accurate assessment and more successful management of post-traumatic pathologies. Furthermore, it acknowledges that as a result of the increasing use of new technologies and biomaterials, there is now particular interest in techniques that promote biological healing of articular lesions and permit complete functional recovery. The authors are leading specialists in the field who have aimed to provide practitioners with the clear guidance that they require on the evaluation and treatment of injuries incurred during sporting activity.

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