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Osteoporosis in Orthopedics

Assessment and Therapeutic Options

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From a reassessment of osteoporosis to contributing factors, clinical applications of antiosteoporotic agents, and rehabilitation, this book examines various aspects of the disease and its treatment. Edited and written from an orthopedic perspective, it approaches osteoporosis as both a metabolic disease and a locomotive syndrome. As orthopedic surgeons in Japan are responsible for pharmacotherapy, surgery, and pain control, the authors pursue a comprehensive approach, focusing especially on the effect on muscles and on fracture operation rather than expanding the scope to bone density.

Osteoporosis in Orthopedics provides extensive content and insights for clinicians, researchers, medical students, and post-docs specializing in osteoporosis. It also offers a valuable resource for orthopedic and spine surgeons who need extensive knowledge of osteoporosis and bone metabolism in the context of patient care.

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