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Buttonhole Cannulation

Current Prospects and Challenges

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The buttonhole method for the cannulation of the arteriovenous fistula was discovered more than 40 years ago and was soon adopted on a wide scale due to its obvious benefits of decreased puncture pain and extension of the life of the arteriovenous fistula. Following reports of complications such as a higher incidence of access-related infections, the method has lately been the subject of intense scrutiny; recent research has focused on the mechanisms of buttonhole access-related infections and newer techniques that may have bearing on the future use of the buttonhole method. This book presents an easily accessible overview of information relevant to the subject, including history, benefits and the latest research results related to the buttonhole cannulation method. It aims to rekindle an awareness of the advantages of this method and to encourage a critical analysis of possible techniques to overcome current barriers that prevent a wider spread of the technique.
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