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Atlas of Surgical Correction of Female Genital Malformation

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This book discusses a rare form of female genital tract abnormality. It starts with an introduction to modern pre-surgical diagnostic tools, including hysterosalpingography, 3D ultrasound and MRI. From external to internal genitalia, this book introduces all commonly known malformations, as well as a variety of rare congenital malformations of the female genital tract. For each malformation, it includes indications, timing, surgical illustration, contraindication, anaesthesia, surgical procedure, postoperative treatment and key points. In order to facilitate understanding, extensive illustrations and surgical images are also provided. This text offers a comprehensive guide for clinicians, helping them to accurately diagnose and treat these patients, who may present with different clinical manifestations. The authors are well-known gynecologists actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases.

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