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Graves' Disease

A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians

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This indispensable volume is designed to facilitate the best possible physician-patient discussion on Graves’ disease by providing the most up-to-date evidence-based information in a clinically useful and patient-centric manner. Comprehensive and covering such topics as Professionalism and the Art of Patient-centric Thyroidology, the Immunopathogenesis of Graves’ Disease, and the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Storm, the book addresses all the important refinements in the treatment of Graves’ disease in recent years. These include new indications and contraindications for antithyroid drugs, improved approaches to radioactive iodine therapy, the development of novel surgical techniques, and a better understanding of the combined use of these modalities, among other developments. Also addressed are the advances in the treatment of GO, including the use of disease activity and severity assessments to inform management decisions and the completion of the first randomized controlled therapeutic trials. Developed by a renowned group of internationally respected authorities, Graves’ Disease: A Comprehensive Guide for Clinicians is a significant new reference that will be of great interest to all clinicians who treat this debilitating condition.

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