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Atlas of Head and Neck Endocrine Disorders

Special Focus on Imaging and Imaging-Guided Procedures

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This atlas draws on a multidisciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive overview on endocrine disorders of the head and neck, with particular emphasis on the role of imaging and image-guided procedures. The first section discusses the basic characteristics of the imaging methods and other techniques used for evaluation and diagnosis. The remainder of the book focuses on application of these methods in thyroid, parathyroid, and other endocrine disorders of the head and neck. The coverage is wide ranging, encompassing Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goiter, toxic adenoma, thyroiditis, non-toxic goiter, benign nodules, and the different forms of thyroid carcinoma, as well as parathyroid adenoma, hyperplasia, and carcinoma and paragangliomas. Informative, high-quality images are provided by international experts in endocrine disorders, including endocrinologists, pathologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and surgeons, who also discuss sample cases and provide syntheses of the relevant scientific literature.

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