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Charnley Low-Frictional Torque Arthroplasty of the Hip

Practice and Results


This book reviews the principles and concepts underlying Charnley low frictional torque arthroplasty of the hip in the light of more extensive clinical experience, highlighting clinical and radiographic results, incidence and indications for revisions. The studies carried out have indicated the development and introduction of new ideas into clinical practice and the avenues for further research. The time span involved has allowed a number of these very long-term studies not only to be brought to conclusion, but has given the benefit of their clinical application with meaningful results. This is not a sudden diversion into new and speculative areas of hip replacement surgery. It is a carefully collected, documented and executed work of the evolution of the Charnley low-frictional torque arthroplasty of the hip based on sound principles, supported by long-term studies with benefits derived.



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