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Comprehensive Anatomy of Motor Functions

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The comprehensive approach to anatomy is a new attempt to understand the organization of anatomical structures instead of only memorizing details, which is both time-consuming and prone to error. The basic principle is that man did not design man, a truth which presents the solution and not the problem. This kind of approach requires first observing a function and identifying, in engineering terms, the technical problems that need to be solved in order to achieve that function. In a second step the anatomical solution is examined in terms of validation and should always be an intelligent solution that puts the characteristics of specific living tissues to optimal use.

Anatomy is obviously the mandatory basis of all types of medical practice. For centuries, its rigorous methodology has relied on dissection, which is the only means to precisely identify the morphology of organs and for surgeons to learn how to directly and safely reach the structures they need to operate on. Accordingly, this book includes illustrations of many dissections and anatomical sections in order to provide a realistic view of the complex organization of the human body.

This book addresses the needs of a broad range of medical and paramedical practitioners interested in movements and their disorders: MDs and surgeons of all specialties, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, X-ray manipulators, osteopathic specialists, etc. Its goal is to demonstrate the amazing intelligence and complexity of human motor functions and to better grasp the how and why of their construction.

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