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Orthopedic Biomechanics

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2/E 2016

Understanding the effects of mechanical influences on the human body is the first step toward developing innovative treatment and rehabilitation concepts for orthopaedic disorders. This book gives you valuable information on the forces acting on muscles, tendons, and bones. It begins with the step-by-step fundamentals of physics and mechanics, and goes on to cover the function and loading of joints, movement in two and three dimensions, and the properties of biological tissues. The book explains the practical importance of biomechanics, with special chapters addressing mechanical causes of disk prolapse, load on the spine in sitting and standing positions, and the correlation between mechanical loading and bone density.

Key features:
*Limited use of complex vector equations while still providing in-depth treatment analysis
*Exquisitely illustrated, detailed descriptions of the mechanical aspects of every major joint in the body: hip, shoulder, knee, and lumbar spine
*Extensive references lead you to more detailed information
*Valuable appendixes describing the interaction between mechanical and biological functions as well as mathematical tools necessary to understand technically demanding concepts
Finally, the book analyzes techniques for changing the effects on bones and joints through therapy, training, external aids, modified behavior, and ergonomic improvements. It will help you understand past and current scientific work in the field and apply state-of-the-art solutions to the problems you'll encounter on a daily basis. An essential resource for all orthopaedists and physical therapists.

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