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Glaucoma Imaging

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This atlas offers a truly comprehensive update on the use of imaging technologies for the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma. In addition to standard automated perimetry, gonioscopy, fundus photography, and stereophotography, other advanced, high-resolution methods for imaging the eye in glaucoma are explained in detail, including ultrasound biomicroscopy, confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, scanning laser polarimetry, and spectral domain optical coherence tomography. The role of the various tests and the keys to optimizing their use in clinical practice are detailed with the aid of high-quality figures in order to enable the reader to achieve the best possible performance when applying these tools. The risk of developing visual disability and blindness as a consequence of glaucoma varies widely among affected individuals. Personalized testing strategies and tailored therapeutic interventions are required to effectively reduce visual impairment due to glaucoma. Glaucoma Imaging will assist residents, researchers, and clinicians in improving their ability to understand and integrate the information obtained using traditional techniques with the reports provided by computer-assisted image instruments.

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