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Advanced Concepts in Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease

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In this book, leading international specialists in the field join forces to discuss topics, issues and approaches that are of key importance in the optimal treatment of lumbar degenerative disk disease. The coverage is wide ranging, from current understanding of physiopathology and genetics and modern imaging techniques through to the diverse minimally invasive, non-fusion, and fusion surgical techniques. Detailed attention is drawn to the most important aspects to be considered when approaching the patient and making treatment decisions. The role of conservative management is appraised, and surgical techniques and their indications are carefully described. In the concluding section, some of the top specialists from across the world reflect on the lessons that they have learned during lifetimes in spinal surgery. Advanced Concepts in Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease will be an instructive and fascinating source of information for all spine surgeons and other spine care providers.

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