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Merritt´s Neurology

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13/E 2016

This revision will be the Twelfth Edition of Merritt's Neurology, first published in 1955. Houston Merritt, from Columbia, a "father" of modern neurology, was the first edition then passed the editorial 'torch' on to Lewis BUD Rowland, one of his residents, after 7 editions. Dr. Rowland edited the next 4 editions but with this Twelfth Edition, will bring on Tim Pedley, Chair of the Department of Neurology at Columbia, as a co-editor and as his successor. Most of the contributors are Columbia-trained. This edition will debut at the Neurological Institute of New York's centennial in the fall of 2009. The book presents the latest neurologic findings in a crisp clinical focus that incorporates recent advances in the molecular biology of neurologic disease. Essential references direct the reader to more information.

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