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Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors

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Print- und e-Ausgabe

2/E 2019

The full-color Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors, significantly updated for this second edition, combines patient safety information and evidence-based guidance for over 300 commonly encountered clinical situations. With a format that suggests conversations between an attending and a trainee, the book helps you identify potential problems and develop a treatment plan to minimize the problem. Brief, easy-to-read chapters cover basic and advanced topics and help you digest information in minutes!

Coverage spans the entire field of Anesthesiology—including subspecialties such as airway management, critical care and pain medicine.
Now with 30% more topics than the first edition.
Contributors now include more international authors and Certified Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs).
Features critical updates to popular chapters and sections related to legal issues, professional practice topics and coding and payment.
Part of the Avoiding Common Errors series, which presents hard-earned clinical wisdom in an informal, easy-to-read style.

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