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Metabolic Syndrome and Complications of Pregnancy

The Potential Preventive Role of Nutrition

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This book explores the nature of pregnancy and metabolic syndrome as proinflammatory conditions and explains how pregnancy provides a window of opportunity for preventing the lifelong complications of metabolic syndrome, during which key risk factors can be identified and beneficial dietary changes can be implemented.

The book’s opening sections discuss inflammation in the context of pregnancy, including the nature of the placenta as a proinflammatory tissue. In the main body, it points to new possible connections to truncal obesity, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and major obstetrical syndromes, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and pre-term delivery.

Based on the insights offered by this analysis, the remainder of the book focuses on a variety of nutritional measures and diets that can be of benefit during and beyond pregnancy. Readers will learn how the higher level of compliance with medical instructions during pregnancy can be capitalized on to ensure enduring health benefits for mother and child alike.



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