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Advanced Colonoscopy

Principles and Techniques Beyond Simple Polypectomy

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This book provides surgeons and gastroenterologists with state-of-the-art techniques in terms of advanced colonoscopy. Chapters introduce methods of removing polyps that were not previously amenable to colonoscopic snare polypectomy. Advanced techniques such as closure of perforations and intestinal stenting are extensively covered. The text maintains a strong emphasis on surgical/endoscopic technique. Extensive discussion on equipment and skill acquisition is also covered. As many readers will never have seen these complex procedures before, extensive photographs and video clips are provided. The authors provide tips, tricks, and pitfalls that will help the reader incorporate these new techniques into their practice.
Advanced Colonoscopy: Polypectomy and Beyond will be of great value to any surgeon or gastroenterologist currently performing colonoscopy and interested in advanced techniques.

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