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Classic Papers in Solid Organ Transplantation

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The book will be a collection of classic papers in different fields of transplant medicine, providing a unique opportunity for the reader to have easy access to a variety of papers that have changed the field of transplantation. Each chapter will provide an overview of the advances on the specific field of transplantation followed by a small summary of papers that have impacted the most that specific area of transplant medicine (explained by the author or authors). The field of transplant medicine has significantly grown over the last couple of decades. Many advances in technology and surgical techniques currently allow thousands of patients to successfully undergo solid organ transplantation worldwide. The rate of survival after transplantation continues to improve, and many patients survive several decades enjoying good quality of life. Many medical societies have been created to support the field, and they are frequently created by multidisciplinary professionals that focus on transplantation. For example, the American Society of Transplantation (AST), is an international organization with over 2,700 transplant professionals dedicated to advancing the field. The book market would target transplantation professionals worldwide, and will also include transplant candidates, transplant patients and/or families interested in learning more in the field of transplant medicine. Recent controversies in the utilization of organs and policies in children, have reignited a national debate in the USA about best transplant practices, and have sensitized the public and other physicians about the importance of transplant medicine.

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