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Statistical Literacy for Clinical Practitioners


This textbook on statistics is written for students in medicine, epidemiology, and public health. It builds on the important role evidence-based medicine now plays in the clinical practice of physicians, physician assistants and allied health practitioners. By bringing research design and statistics to the fore, this book can integrate these skills into the curricula of professional programs. Students, particularly practitioners-in-training, will learn statistical skills that are required of today’s clinicians. Practice problems at the end of each chapter and downloadable data sets provided by the authors ensure readers get practical experience that they can then apply to their own work.

Topics covered include:
Functions of Statistics in Clinical Research
Common Study Designs
Describing Distributions of Categorical and Quantitative Variables
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
Documenting Relationships in Categorical and Quantitative Data
Assessing Screening and Diagnostic Tests
Comparing Means of Independent and Related Samples
Linear Regression
Binary Logistic Regression
Survival Analysis
Regression Analysis of Count Data



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