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Color Atlas of Human Anatomy

Volume 2: Internal Organs


A sound understanding of the structure and function of the human body in all of its intricacies is the foundation of a complete medical education. This classic work -- now enhanced with many new and improved drawings -- makes the task of mastering this vast body of information easier and less daunting with its many user-friendly features:
Hundreds of outstanding full-color illustrations
Clear organization according to anatomical system
Abundant clinical tips
Side-by-side images and explanatory text
Helpful color-coding and consistent formatting throughout
Durable, compact design, fits in your pocket
Useful references and suggestions for further reading
Emphasizing clinical anatomy, the text integrates current information from an array of medical disciplines into the discussion of the inner organs, including:
Cross-sectional anatomy as a basis for working with modern imaging modalities
Detailed explanations of organ topography and function
Physiological and biochemical information included where appropriate
An entire chapter devoted to pregnancy and human development



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