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An Illustrated Guide - Basics - Techniques - Indications

Print-on-Demand Ausgabe


2/E 2014

K-Taping - the successful reference book

Over 16,00 therapists who are already working with the method can confirm, that K-Taping is a unique tool assisting physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, medical doctors, occupational therapists and others, in the treatment of an extraordinary variety of conditions - ranging from musculoskeletal issues (e.g. back pain, muscle tension, joint instabilities) to diverse pain conditions (e.g. migraine or menstrual pain) and even including post-operative lymphatic therapy (e.g. following breast cancer surgery). K-Taping is also established in professional and competitive sport, as a tool for pre-training preparation, prevention and treatment. This practical guide provides all the background information you need, and shows you how to use the specially developed elastic K-Tape most effectively.

K-Taping in theory
- The special elastic tape’s properties, basic principles and effects
- The function of K-Taping therapy
- Fundamentals of K-Tape application
- Contraindications

K-Taping in practice
- The four major application techniques (muscle, ligament, correction, lymph applications), each described in detail and illustrated with a clinical case
- 70 particularly common medical conditions, and their treatment using K-Tape applications
- Each technique illustrated in up to six full-color photos and anatomical drawings
- Concise step-by-step instruction, covering the specifics of each medical condition, plus additional practical tips
- At a glance: Memo boxes for each technique, summarizing the main points to remember

New for the 2nd edition
- 20 additional application techniques for the fields of neurology and gynaecology (also including pre- and post-natal)
- Approximately 150 additional colour photographs, to accompany and illustrate instructions

Course companion and reference book - a must have, whether you are currently studying K-Taping, or have already completed certification
- As a companion to K-Taping training courses and
- As refresher and reference book for the use of K-Taping in practice

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