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Surgical Management of Pain

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2/E 2015

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Surgical Management of Pain, Second Edition, is a completely updated state-of-the-art reference on neurosurgical pain management. This new edition is in full color and includes the following sections: Anatomic and Physiologic Foundations for Nociceptive and Neuropathic Pain, Pain Medicine, Pain Diagnoses, Surgical Procedures for Pain, and New Directions for Pain Surgery. The chapters in the book focus on procedures that are currently performed by neurosurgeons to relieve pain.

Key Features:

- Emphasizes "best evidence" treatment options
- free online access to videos demonstrating surgical techniques described in the book
- Explores nonsurgical and pharmacologic methods of pain control
- Beautifully illustrated drawings convey the wisdom of expert surgeons

This book is a must-have for all neurosurgeons treating patients suffering from acute and/or chronic pain.



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Praxisorientierte und wissenschaftliche Informationen aus dem gesamten Spektrum der palliativmedizinischen Versorgung.

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