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Noncolorectal, Nonneuroendocrine Liver Metastases

Diagnosis and Current Therapies

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This book offers a complete overview on noncolorectal nonneuroendocrine (NCRNNE) liver metastases and describes in detail the currently available therapies. Each chapter focuses on the treatment of metastases from a particular primary malignancy and also provides valuable information on incidence, natural history, and diagnosis. NCRNNE metastases to the liver are rare entities compared with colorectal and neuroendocrine metastases, for which the treatments are well codified. While more publications have appeared on the topic in recent years, an in-depth study has to date been lacking. Furthermore, most published series are insufficiently comparable as they comprise patients with NCRNNE hepatic metastases from a variety of primary malignancies and consequently overlook differences in tumor behavior, frequency of isolated hepatic metastases, response to neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapy, and interval between diagnosis of the primary tumor and the liver metastases. This book, with its more specific approach, will serve not only as an up-to-date guide to diagnosis and treatment but also as a reference on which to base future studies.

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