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Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice


This is a book of FIRST RESORT. The handbook will help a practitioner scope a public health issue more quickly, more thoroughly, and more systematically. It introduces learning practitioners to the early phases of approaching a public health issue. They can then develop their own more systematci framework of addressing public health problems and solutions more quickly and effectively. Each chapter clearly lays out how to subdivide the approach to a public health concept, method, or issue into specific areas or tasks. The handbook outlines the esential stepst to help the reader achieve the following: understand the population approaches to population health problems; deconstruct a public health problem into a number of tasks and know what competencies are needed to achieve these tasks; improve the reader's ability to helap and/or teach others to be able to understand the fundamental issues clearly; to be able to tell their employer more clearly what needs to be done about a particular issue; and to feel more confident and competent about what they do know and what they don't know when addressing public health issues.



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