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Interactive Haematology Imagebank DVD

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This DVD has two principal aims. Firstly it is a learning and self-assessment tool. Secondly, it provides a resource for enhancing your teaching. All images are copyright but they can be used for your own teaching as long as the source is acknowledged.

To learn haematology, you should first identify yourself as a student, laboratory scientist or haematologist and you can then follow an appropriate linear pathway through the material.

Alternatively, you can select a theme, either from the learn pathway or by using browse. Look out for the symbol that lets you enlarge an image and use the zoom to select a higher resolution image.

The more button provides extra information and the compare button lets you compare and contrast.

The test function lets you assess your knowledge, again selecting the appropriate type of material.

The search facility lets you find specific images for your lectures from an alphabetical drop down list.

Video clips lets you see some practical procedures including a bone marrow aspiration.

Finally, there are normal ranges and some CD numbers and other useful tables dealing with immunophenotyping and classification.

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