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The Unhappy Total Knee Replacement

A Comprehensive Review and Management Guide

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Owing to improved understanding of biomechanics and tribology and advances in implant design and treatment technique, total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is considered a very successful treatment for osteoarthritic knees. Nevertheless, a significant minority of patients are unhappy with the outcome, complaining of pain, instability, swelling, or reduced range of motion. This book addresses the need for improved diagnostic and treatment guidelines for this challenging group of patients.

The book opens by discussing the basics of TKA and the various causes of failure and pain. Diagnostic aspects are considered in detail, with attention to advances in clinical investigation, laboratory analysis, and, in particular, imaging techniques. Furthermore, state of the art diagnostic algorithms are presented that will assist in identifying the source of the problem in individual cases. Specific pathology-related treatment options, including conservative approaches and salvage and revision TKA strategies, are then explained, with identification of the pitfalls and key points of each treatment. Future perspectives are briefly considered, and a series of cases are presented that cover clinical scenarios frequently encountered in daily clinical practice.

The evidence-based, clinically focused guidance provided in this book, written by internationally renowned experts, will assist surgeons in ensuring that patients with an unsatisfactory result of TKA receive the most effective management. The book will also be helpful for general practitioners, physiotherapists, industry technicians, and engineers.

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