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Perioperative Medical Management for Total Joint Arthroplasty

How to Control Hemostasis, Pain and Infection

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This volume describes the most recent medical guidelines for perioperative management in arthroplasty with the aim of facilitating excellent control of bleeding/thrombosis, pain and infection. For each area - hemostasis control, pain control and infection control - hot topics of key practical importance are discussed and contrasting perspectives are presented on controversial issues, covering the views of different practitioners and specialties. Using the information contained in this book, the practitioner will be in an excellent position to meet the principal goals of perioperative medical management. The information provided will assist in the choice of a multimodal guideline that minimizes the complication rate regarding bleeding and thromboembolism while not interfering with the patient’s recovery. Similarly, effective means of pain control and an optimized pain control protocol are discussed with a view to shortening hospital stay and achieving functional milestones that meet the patient’s expectations. Finally, host, wound and environmental factors relevant to infection and its prevention are explained, with discussion of the best means of prophylaxis, treatment and imaging. Surgeons, anesthesiologists and all medical practitioners and staff involved in the field of total hip and knee arthroplasty will find this book to be of value in their daily clinical practice. It will assist in the provision of enhanced medical management that ensures quicker recovery of the patient with fewer complications.

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