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Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging


Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging is an essential reference for pediatric and musculoskeletal radiologists, as well as orthopedic surgeons. It is exceptional in offering a complete presentation of pediatric orthopedic imaging, in contrast to texts on pediatric radiology, which address only the more common musculoskeletal pathology, and on general orthopedic radiology, which include limited discussion of pediatric disorders.

Site-specific congenital and acquired lesions are covered in chapters on the spine, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip and pelvis, lower extremity, and foot and ankle. Further chapters address generalized orthopedic diseases such as neurofibromatosis and infectious processes, neuromuscular diseases, musculoskeletal tumors, trauma, and orthopedic procedures. Epidemiology, clinical presentation, evolution, and treatment are discussed for each entity, and imaging characteristics and differential diagnoses are extensively analyzed. A wealth of high-quality MRI, CT, and US images complement the radiographic examples of common and unusual musculoskeletal disorders.

The book has been thoroughly researched and clearly written by expert pediatric and musculoskeletal radiologists. No other text provides the pediatric radiology community with such up-to-date information on the complete spectrum of pediatric orthopedic imaging. It will be the 'go-to' reference for all radiologists and orthopedic surgeons whose practice includes pediatrics.



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