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Cataract Surgery

Maximising Outcomes through Research


Useful Research for Cataract Surgeons provides cataract surgeons with helpful information about cataract operations based on the latest fundamental and clinical research. This textbook comprehensively covers a wide range of topics from the basic principles of each treatment to today’s hot topics such as femtosecond laser application, cataract surgery, and new IOL with accommodating or light adjustable function. Detailed cutting-edge discussion is provided in each chapter with the addition of diagrams, photographs and tables to help readers better understand the subject. Authored by leading international experts, it includes topics from preoperative evaluations to postoperative care such as: Evaluation of accommodation and pseudo-accommodation Glistening and visual function The eye’s image quality with a premium IOL IOL power calculations Pupil size and postoperative visual function Posterior capsular opacity Corneal astigmatism Femtosecond laser techniques and more. Useful Research for Cataract Surgeons is the perfect book for cataract surgeons and general ophthalmologists who wish to update their knowledge and make use of it in their everyday medical practice.



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