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Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology

Vol 2: Infectious Diseases

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1st ed. 2020

Weitere Formate und Ausgaben

1st ed. 2020
€ 533,93

The second volume in Springer’s gold-standard reference work on medical immunology focuses on infectious diseases. In tandem with its three counterpart volumes it offers the most wide-ranging and authoritative repository of knowledge on infectious diseases, with readily accessed contributions by the world’s leading authorities on the subject. The encyclopedia covers the material from all angles, with 1000 pages of essays on the genetics, physiology, metabolism, pathogenesis and applied microbiology of all known infectious diseases, and includes access to an e-reference work that will include ongoing updates reflecting the latest advances in the field.

An outstanding new resource of immense value to a wide range of medical researchers and practitioners, the encyclopedia features a user-friendly subdivision of diseases according to their affective locus in the human body. The sections cover integumentary, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive transmissible pathogens. This systemic approach has been adopted in all three volumes covering the diseases themselves, while Volume 4 covers all known vaccines and provides forward-looking analyses of anticipated future developments in therapeutic approaches and core research. This high-profile encyclopedia will be an essential addition to academic libraries worldwide.



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Neueste medizinische Erkenntnisse, aktuelles Fachwissen und praxisorientierte Fortbildung.

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