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Sickle Cell Disease in Clinical Practice

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Sickle Cell Disease is the most common genetic disease world wide and in the UK. It has marked geographical variation in its distribution in the UK, with a concentration in London and other major conurbations (Birmingham and Manchester). In these areas, specialist centres have become established offering expert, up to date care for both inpatients and out patients with Sickle Cell Disease.
Although patient numbers are increasing outside these areas, the expertise of health professionals can be patchy. This book aims to provide a user friendly, accessible resource for areas with smaller numbers of patients, to allow them to provide equitable care with the larger well established centres. Sickle Cell Disease can be associated with acute life threatening complications, when clear, easily available advice is needed, and with chronic long term complications which may need liaison with other health professionals. Clear treatment protocols for all the common complications of sickle cell disease, are outlined here, with summaries of key evidence and references.

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