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Pediatric Endourology Techniques

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2/E 2014

This book will aid surgeons in carry out commonly performed minimally invasive pediatric urological procedures. It contains a list of instrumentation and theatre positioning of patient, personnel and equipment to enable surgeons to set up their own service.

Pediatric Urology has rapidly developed as a separate subspecialty in the last decade. During this time, significant advances in technology and instrumentation has meant that increasingly more procedures can be performed by the minimally invasive route. However, access to and availability of adequate training facilities and resources continues to hinder surgeons in achieving experience and expertise in the minimally invasive techniques in paediatric urology. Pediatric Endourology Techniques 2nd edition is a fully illustrated text with an accompanying web application which addresses these issues.
The aim of this 2nd edition is to enable surgeons to carry out commonly performed minimally invasive pediatric urological procedures. This book has been organised systematically to enable quick reference to the topic of interest. It encompasses not only the majority of commonly performed pediatric endourological procedures in a standardised format but also newer techniques and procedures that have developed since publication of the first edition. A list of specific relevant reading material is given at the end of each chapter.
Pediatric Endourology Techniques 2nd Edition is a valuable tool for pediatric urologists as well as pediatric surgeons, general surgeons, adult urologists and those with an interest in minimally invasive surgery.


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