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Clinical Neurophysiology in Disorders of Consciousness

Brain Function Monitoring in the ICU and Beyond


Over the past two decades, electrophysiology has been experiencing an unprecedented development due to technical improvements which allow easier recordings, more compact data storage, and smoother analysis. This book is intended to cover in detail the spectrum of electrophysiology applications in patients with disorders of consciousness. Its content will span from clinical aspects in the management of subjects in the Intensive Care Unit, including EEG, evoked potentials, and related implications in terms of prognosis and patient management to research applications in subjects with ongoing consciousness impairment. While the first section provides up-to-date information for the interested clinician, the second part highlights latest developments in this exciting field. The book comprehensively combines clinical and research information related to neurophysiology in disorder of consciousness patients, thus making it an easily accessible reference for Neuro-ICU specialists, epileptologists,and clinical neurophysiologists, as well as researchers utilizing EEG and event-related potentials.



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