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Advances in Laparoscopy of the Abdominal Wall Hernia


Advances in Laparoscopy of the Abdominal Wall Hernia is fully illustrated, comprehensive guide which describes in detail the most up-to-date techniques used in the laparoscopic repair of hernias. Written by world renowned authors, this manual reviews laparoscopic techniques used in the repair of inguinal hernias and ventral incisional hernias. Among the topics explored within this updated, engaging and informative text are:
- Techniques such as Extraperitoneal (TEP) and transabdominal (TAPP) hernia repair - Fundamentals of ventral hernia repair
- A detailed overview of mesh fixation in laparoscopic surgery
- Methods to deal with rarer hernias and those of atypical location Advances in Laparoscopy of the Abdominal Wall Hernia is a valuable reference tool that would be of great benefit to surgeons and medical practitioners working in this field.



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