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Anesthesia of the Upper Limb

A State of the Art Guide

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Loco-regional anesthesia presents definite advantages in almost all surgical branches, since it couples a perfect anesthesia with a long postoperative analgesia. This discipline is constantly developing thanks to new drugs and new techniques. In the last decade the advent of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia has extended the study from the anatomic room to the virtual but real 'in corpore viri' ecographic image thus increasing the success rate of this type of anesthesia. Together with electrostimulation, it has definitely increased the success rate of loco-regional anesthesia.

Nonetheless, though supported by new fundamental tools, it is of the utmost importance for anesthesiologists to have a deep knowledge of the brachial plexus and of the topographic anatomy, on which the two first chapters are focused. Featuring a total of 16 chapters and more than 140 color illustrations, the volume provides a detailed coverage of this technique, thus representing a very useful tool for specializing students as well anesthesiologists in their daily clinical practice.


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